Thursday, August 16, 2007


So yeah please change your links/bookmarks to

this NEW LINK thanks!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

As time goes

I always thought I can make it back being single...

and still a virgin..

but it seems that didn't happen...

and yes we both are happy together at least..

for now..

I'm tired to think right now...I am just NOT certain I can love him.

I hope he can be patient with me.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sick -_-

Pretty much I finally fell sick...and I had no choice but to skip Pengajian Malaysia today. oAo;;

beh...and to weiss..>_< I'll try to do the meme ( I kena tagged lagi..adui!) Presentation yesterday was silly...WIG WIG WIG WIG.

Thanks to Hani for lending me her 'Sephiroth' wig and 'Mello' wig...T^T;; and I nearly got super pissy bahahaha. Beh...

I think I'm starting to hate talking to people directly...*a habit I had since small* and now I rather talk to them secara online..orz


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

went to see the apartment....

...and I think its a bloody lighthouse!!!...@_@


*looks at stupid relatives who are such nosy people and bad sense of STYLE...and HOW THE FCK DID THEY GET THE AUTHORITY TO FCKING DESIGN THE BLOODY HOUSE!>!!??!?!*

aaaagh even my ROOM IS TOO BRIGHT...*o*;; and its in BLOODY BABY BLUE..AAAGH *dislikes baby blue*

I wanted it DARK PURPLE and burgundy wine CURTAINS KUSOOOOOOOOO ...but my mum confirmed to me the curtains is a darker sort of purple . BLOODY LIGHTS...AAAGH SO BRITE....its brighter than my college's classrooms LIGHTS....KUSOoooo~ >_<

my gawd what were they thinking?! I will SO TAKE OUT THOSE BLOODY LIGHTS IN MY ROOM...=o= even SUNAKO can MELT SO BADLY...n the design in the apartment is SO CORNY...=_=;; my DAD just LET his STUPID BRO and SIS to go and DESIGN THE FCKING HOUSE?!!!!!!!!

EEEWWWWWW HORRIBLE DESIGN......ya like blue lights as another option for the living room?..what is this...A BLOODY CLUB?..a house is for one to retired into to rest..not look at HORRIBLE LIGHTING EFFECTS...whatsoever I am so not going to stay in that bloody apartment thanks to some some fcktards fetish with light bulbs..eeewww...

TOO MANY FCKING LIGHTS..OMGAWD even if they are energy saving bulbs...=o= but it won't be for long..COS SO MANY BLOODY LIGHTS...

and my eyes still hurt...*o*;; eyes kena overexposure to the..BRIGHT WHITE LIGHTS...from the LIGHTHOUSE OF puts the house of wax to shame...even people from opposite building can SEE inside..cos so damn BRITE...uggghh

and I went to ikea...IGAY-AH!!!!!

...dono why is SO GAY...GAY GAY GAY...

aaaa presentation 2moroes...
oh yah...and btw MSN keeps on seppuku-ing itself! my gawd....>_<;; *sorry lack of posts*

btw my dad seems okay with me renting the place I am now at...hmmmmmmm

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 god..

Finally I skipped class...

kinda reminded me of back last year during SPM I've kinda skipped school a lot of times. I couldn't bare the...pressure this morning in Fine Art class...=/

I could say my anger management wasn't in check I kinda passed up very ASS shitty work in class. So here I am skipping Design 2 class...geez I hate that class too...and I hate fine art class too..@_@;;
So sorry to our tutor Wai Ho cos I kinda pulled a sour face at you when you kinda asked me if I'm alright. bahahaah..

I'm thinking of skipping communication skills tomorrow though...HMMM..

Will think about it..8D


Sunday, June 3, 2007


Agh..finally reality settled in..XP I manage to finally become officially BROKE..

dun dun

Yesterday I kinda lost my last RM50..and I really was so damn upset..I lashed out to several 'victims' on my msn. Well..some of them being people I don't usually talk to but they tend to get on my nerves. (This is because RM50 was my reserved money for expenses only..and ONLY on food. I was on the verge of 'ikat perut' thanks to some persom who borrowed from is taking quite a while to pay back..)

Well practically everyone was seriously rubbing it in. Ugh...truth be told. People tend to unintentionally rub it in. It kills my brain...drats being sensitive again though. Haha..poor victims of mine. >D

One GREAT reason somehow my friend managed to come up was.

"im blur cuz im mentally unstable now"

I kinda lashed back..though

"I'm mentally and physically unstable for now too >_> beat tht"

omgheyness...I was being a bit too hard already but I was IRRITATED okay? What a 'friend' I am..but seriously.That person needs to get a backbone..cos I don't see her HAVE one...*le sigh* or maybe she does its just that she's not using it..somehow.

But thank you HIKARU!! (aka Alfred) Thanks for...asking me out to yam cha...(I was too upset already I couldn't even smile..all I gave was a...half-hearted dork smile) @o@ and lent me drove all the way to Sunway...XP okay okay time when I cook pasta..I ask you over..since you were 'nicely rubbing it in' about your liking for pasta. And thanks for...>D for letting me copy from ur pendrive..the RABBIDS...omgheyness..DUDE stop making me go crazy over them...(which is still happening).

yay least I have food for a week...I don't wanna go corpse like later..eeep.

I feel unproductive right now. *le sigh again*

I'll try to keep a steady pace on this blog though =) It is hard to maintain at least one personal blog and one public blog..XD bloody annoying.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Its always nice to know...

Thats least you know one of your relatives is also a blogger.

This is a shout out to my sis-in-law Ying =) I know I may have been rather quiet eversince form 2. But reality does hit me hard when I read through the daily life she goes through. It is tough..and I sometimes do realize I could be a bit of a nuisance. *sigh*

And if it wasn't for her blog....I would never know whats going on with my bro or my niece and such. =) I rarely talk to my brother eversince the argument 2 years ago thanks to really hurts to shut out everyone I was close with from my life.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if I had a better life if things didn't go so sour. But this is my life as it is so I better make good use of it. I have not many to talk to about my problems or anything...its mostly my mum but she too I have shell myself up from her. I lost a lot of trust in anyone and pretty much confused. But family values do matter... I have looked up to my brother actually as a father figure since small and my older sister as my 2nd mum.

I was loved and cared properly. For that I very much appreciate that at least some one was taking care of me. But somehow I ended up not contacting them anymore because of things that I should say all three of us might not be able to talk about. They have children of their maybe I am a bit jealous...can't really blame them. Its my own nature to be at least jealous but I'm happy that they are happy with their family and living a good life.

Call me a bit too sensitive. Sometimes I do realize how much they worry about me thanks to my habit of not contacting even for 2 years. I almost reach on to the point of insanity thanks to peer pressure and also to major conflicts with my mum back in Sabah. Our oldest brother also do worry about me but we never did talk much. I couldn't even bring a proper conversion with him. I'm just too shy to my own siblings...I always felt small and little.

I could be exaggerating but it is normal for one to face such a moment. I do know I treat my dad like shit...but it is not my own doing either. Being bashed up by your own foster father is as bad as your real mother not wanting you at all. Wasn't really a happy kid back in primary school...I was already in depression.

I may act horribly ignorant. But when you come to think about it in someone elses shoes. There is reasoning to many times where I am always mistaken for flirting. But I have no sense of knowing wether I am a girl or a guy. I just act how I acted around my siblings. So misconception is always on me...=/

And it did happen recently and sometimes its best as always to explain what was going on in reality.

Call this post a bit to over emotional...but heck. Least I know what I'm writing...=) I'm happy for now as I am busy with my college life and getting use to the community. But its not high school anymore for us. Once you mess with the gang...its permanent. Lesson to learn which I know would eventually happen. But meh

shit happens.

and yes I honestly can say this..eventhough I was with my former bf for almost 3 years (I didn't mention 2 years because we weren't certain) I still do not understand how such girls especially those who are really attached to their bfs would get so paranoid to the point of bitching.

oh geez I think I should really put a line across whats female and male...cos I have no sense of knowing my actual gender...


sucks really.

Getting to know new people is nice. But getting to know your family which you were with your whole more time. Its difficult....very much difficult for me to handle as I only know my foster mum.

sorry readers =P a very emotional posts put to the test...baha..its bad I know but do drop by my sis's place =) Fun reading...and oops XP sumhow I'm reading it! haha


Friday, May 18, 2007

Of Rabbids and Orientations = they don't really match you know?

...okaaay..Hikaru(aka Alfred) I am so going to kill you for making me go automatically hooked on this retarded but cute 'rabbids' from Rayman. Deidei is getting his 'Wii' soon and he kinda promised to let me play with the Rayman game as soon as he gets it. aaaaah....wtgheyness.

Actually stuck in CC now waiting for the last day of orientation to start in half an hour's time. Practically watchin what I am showing here early in the morning to wake up my half-already-dead brain.

Now this one just looks wrong I know..they are actually singing 'bla bla bla' instead. Whats worst is that they have the bowl cut hair..and look like a bunch of already too retarded kids and you have to like slap the overly retarded out from the bunch. Ouch..

..gaaah Hikaru if it wasn't for your 'ASS' (aka assignments) I would have come over to your place and grabbed back my Shirousa!..=_=;; but he's kinda giving an impression they are in 'love' together..and...I think I better stop it cos the visualization ain't really helping thanks to the sms 2 days ago...eeek.

Oh yeap..2nd day of orientation was...SUPER ...BORING...and well the person representating the Dean of studies...was kinda going waaaaaaaaay off topic at one point where we were held back in the auditorium for half an hour. Ouch...and she was super bitchy...(well there has to be some bitchy lecturers soon enough to cover up the whole entire sem. So fuck them and leave me be with my ASS)

Met a fellow KK-lian also. HAha...please to know Kelvin! Apparently what made him talk to me is because when I was sitting behind him..I was kinda yelling (?) or should I say being my upmost gheyness/hyperself/random when I stated..*ahem* DOTAAAAAAAA... seems I was hooked on Dota thanks to...HIKARU..(again). So yeah the upmost random gheyness is when =o=;; I have a tendency to switch topics within 5 minutes and that would be CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP. Wonder whats in my brain that time....hmm. Poor Hani...she had to bear with my crap the entire ghey 3 hours..or so. (ouch)

I drew some doodles thats kinda as usual...'random' . Geh come to think about it as soon as 'the father' is back from South Africa..I might bug him to get me a new pen drive...Totchi-kun (my another pen drive) is insufficient!..@_@;; argh

bla bla bla



Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Life so far..and soon to be student (AGAIN)

Been slacking alot blogging...

Haha.. My bad really.

Past three weeks been busy busy busy. Last weekend I had to meetup with my senior Takemura who came over from Singapore for a visit to KL. Pretty much brough her around Sg.Wang as she had never been there and also to Time Square.

Pretty fun really..and miss her lots. (even as I am typing this I'm already missing her)

Last week Thursday though...went out with Deidara to buy Usa-chan and Kuma-chan (from Ouran High School Host Club) at Grafitti Toys. Bumped into Kagami that day too! CHU~!!
I think I saw this blogger at that day too. Small world!..really!

Going to start college tomorrow officially at The One Academy. I'm not certain about that place anymore...I feel like going to Lim Kok Wing instead and take up Game Designing (and GUESS WHAT....your assignment happens to be just playing dota...and video games!...) saw they had a xbos360,PS3 and I think soon is wii!!!!!!

OMGHEYNESS temptations!

I'm tired...still looking for a place to rent soon near TOA...I don't wanna drive..damn lazy liek seriously.


Friday, April 13, 2007

huhu...busy weekends and month

Since everything has been a rush..@_@

Too many things to go through..he he

  1. PC Fair this weekend. Wanting to go tomorrow but some people coming in the evening. Darn..=X IRCFIESTA people!! @_@ College over rules them all...haha...=_=;;
  2. Weekend gonna be in Sunway again. Going for a live nite...praise and worship BABY!!! *flails* darn this means I have to start packing some of my stuff for the night. Drats...Sunday would be OH so fun...screw.
  3. Omgheyness...apparently I found out...I managed to pull off my super platinum blonde hair ?? Oh darn..=P Oh fyi actually my hair's black color is fading out...Its turning brown..drats.
  4. I'm accepted into The One Academy! ...but I need to bloody send in the remaining forms soon! Argh...stress to the max. My dad is not around to sign my forms...horror horror
  5. Cosplay list keeps on piling up on me. I don't think I could even pay for my Organization XIII outfit yet... *GOD MODE
Aye aye...using the net around here doesn't do much either....hmm hmm oops..laundry not hanged yet...its been raining a lot so suddenly here..suddenly rain suddenly SUN...NOT a good sign...=X

..cos people get sick easily thanks to the sudden change of weather. HEH


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New look....!!! I think so lolz

BAHAHHAHAHAactually thats a wig...thanks to miuki-sama for editing and taking my pic =D Its love I tell you..hahaha and I know...but my contact lenses is blue...@_@;; Haduri is luf...=D its a korean webcam program. (its free to download)

Jae Joong wannabe turns out to look very Lee Jun ki ..LMAO.
Life is good I should say...I was recently called by The One Academy...=D accepted! But still having doubts on getting into illustration...hmm
I don't have that 'known' thing to do such 'pretty' pics..=/ but I'll see how I can work it out HAR HAR.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I officially broke up with my bf of 3 YEARS. I feel happy about it cos I know that in the long run would still have to do this.
Its needed though...well because we both have different lifestyles....I finally met him today ...well we finally got to see each other and I found out from him he's already having another girl in his life...for 3 months already. He tried looking for me this past few months but I wasn't around. D:

oh wel


HAPPY for him...yet still pretty much HEARTBROKEN. But in reality my GUILT for not being a GIRLFRIEND that is somehow there...out lifestyles just don't go well together. I always keep myself pretty much yeah.

Just for your info


Least I can have a peace of mind that I just met him again and solved this un-usual relationship out.
I'm happy to be single again and be just me eventhough I do have to face the side-effects of this break up..;P

I'll make it. Just pray and hope I'll make it.


Monday, March 19, 2007

[TAG] "5 reasons why you blog"

...Apparently I was "tagged" by Adz (cilakak la wei..D: )

okie...since then I can't run away from...well.. I don't know how many people will read this anyways.

  1. Its my blog. I write what I do in my daily life. Sometimes its short reports on outings/meetups. It can be personal or just a daily rant.
  2. I tend to find blogging seriously amusing as I have like 123456Idon'tknowhowmuchblogsI'vemade. No...liek seriously.
  3. Life is interesting once in a while. I sometimes would just go online to blog about something or someone. Well depending how you wanna say it.
  4. I'm trying to keep myself sane enough to keep my perverse mind at bay. (Be thankfull that I stopped at the temptation to write gay stories instead)
  5. ...Personally I will occasionally rant out random topics. I'm known to be random.
Being nice as usual....I don't alway tag people.. but I will tag two people I know personally.

Shinyi and Kero :D !!

P.S: I saw Julian in Damai...XD I could have run off with your wife!! j/k


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tama Diary #2

..whoops..Apparently I didn't state that Hachi passed away. Now got new Tama...its in this form now tho


Haha...somehow named it 'Sen' gaaah why am I naming my Tamas after numbers?! Gosh..hmm I re-attached a different Hello Kitty Horoscope thingy. 1st one was a Tiger..manage to get Dragon so I guess it suited the whole red theme. haha..

aite gone and going!



Apparently I've been becoming very much easily annoyed....?

Gosh I have a bitch streak starting again...aiyoyoyo. *bitch in making* wheeeee I want more skirts dammit you phat thighs!
Did a bit of camwhoring and came out with something I say u won't see me do it at ALL..its basically makeup+wig+self esteem+photoshop! (tried the making eyes big leh...XDDD ) I even took the effort to remove my lip piercing..*dies*
ahem ignore mah stuuupid skills..XD Yes I love wearing wigs so whuuuttt...

Actually I'm in KLIA leeching on the free wi-fi (and just managed to find a port to charge my laptop HAHAHAHA) and bla bla
see I actually got no bloody things to blog about for now....HMMMM...

OH YEAH...I want a DS ! A pink one if CAAANNN XD no BLACK LA


Sunday, March 4, 2007


Yes you heard me!

I finally got my hands on my OWN LAPTOP! (If you count the Hyundai out lars that one super heavy man..4kgs) and woot meet my NEW BABY!

Yah owner sempat 'berposing' with MacBook.
Yes people I've a tendency to multitask XD so basically I was like just have to 'accept the fact my dad is the one who wanted to buy it for me' so...yeah. (sheesh I know I'm a spoiled brat but then again this is best for the course I wanna yeah)

...*cough cough*

XD I'm still learning how to use the mac since well...theres no left click or right click...only one click. Hmm...getting confusing aye. And SQUIGGLY button!! XD hahaha

usually its CTRL+V (or X or A or C) now its SQUIGGLY button+V (and the rest lol). Gahh....I'm doomed..XD

Hey least its super geng mah.

~ 连小凤

Friday, March 2, 2007

Blogging is a daily must...

...well apparently I don't do that. Well not much...haha. I was down with fever/flu/cough last few days. Oh..and I failed my theory test for driving (whoops?) Might need to get a retake somehow...but body ain't being lively...

Cut short...been out too many times brought me into a toll of sheer..REGRET. Yeap you heard me..XD I regret going out too many times though. I have a tendency to fall sick after how many bloody trips.

which is why now I am facing the music..=/


nvm la spam you with pics for now..
kya Kagami hunneh XD hehehe we took this after celebrating her Belated Bday in Gasoline (no seriously I hate that place)
puhleeze ignore the lame attempt at trying to make a self-title...:D Hello would you like a group of people like this around Kota Kinabalu sometime?
....XD hahaha the most vain guy I ever met in my entire 'cosplay' life..hahaha...he's pretty popular on FRIENDSTER...:D Kaori!
*cough* He was acting all 'Prince prince' that day..@_@ lol and being a practical camwhore..I took his pics for him...(and edited this one la..LOL hahahahaha)
okay girls DON'T SMACK ME..I wasn't trying to be cute (and please ignore that over gay pink stool) and I wasn't trying to be BOU-ish..

Oh screw the community...someone even called me a 'so poh' in Sg.Wang that whoops?...I turned to look and saw it was a middle aged dude..(with a belly) in that corner shop thingy..(near I SOCKS)...and I was like ...oh well humans look at beauty in another way.

I know I'm not pretty..neither am I UGLY! XD (well unless was born to be that way that screw it la u man balls person who called me that!) haha Kagami was pretty mad actually when she heard that. I told her just ignore that dude la. He doesn't know what to say anymore..

its either

A ) Sg Wang people just lack words nowadays thanks to the 'kids' these days that hang around Sg Wang

B) Chinese people are typical (Malays too) so basically it is 'very typical' for them to act that way.

Close one eye >_O and ignore is the best I can do. Other than that..screw you! :D

~Siew Foong

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tama Diary #1

Hachi grew!....

To 'Young Mametchi'

...*cough* Anyways, pretty much my tama was disturbed ALOT by my friends...@_@ (I knew it! I should have bought the neon pink one...ugh) and my dad was pretty much like...huh...well I think it reminded him back then when I had digimons (3 to be exact).

Naruki is asking me to bring it over for the next lolita outing....which I do not know WHEN...anyways..o-o;; hmm hmm

~Siew Foong

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tiring Day as it is...@_@

Oh yeah sorry for the previous post. I might have accidentally deleted off the pictures when I was re-organizing my posts. (hmmm...)

Its a lil baaaby...XD
Well it grew up to the 3rd stage...hmm...its still sleeping even as I am typin now.
Got a FINALLY...o-o;; Had a hard time choosing the color too. It was either PINK (aih..I know I know) The 1st Gen is a yeah..named it Hachi. (no no...not Nana inspired..but then again...w/e you think la!)

yeah went out to Sg,Wang (again?) to accompany Dess (girl on the left) to meet up with the Aveen (dude on the right)...oh yeah..Please ignore my bitch face XD I dono why but seriously I look like a ...WHORE!! (yeah a CAMWHORE) and...uh Dess was cute la that today..@_@ (I think its the outfit)The puri is sooo shiney.... Also took a FREE shot!
...yeah right...used the handphone la...XD The reasons why I like Bishin the 3rd!! (the purikura booth we took).

Ugh going out for another outing tomorrow...I'll see what I can post up from tomorrows outing!
OH YAH...I colored my hair a bit darker...but...
its seriously reminding me of those Shibuya gals....(kogals?...or those Ayumi clones?) Its suppose to be ash mocha (I use Gatsby thank you very much...hmm hmm) But I 'think' I didn't leave the stuff on for a while...the usual rushing stuff. Oh well I can still grow it out...ignore the chubbyness. CNY does things to your diet. HAHAHA joking

OH...ang pao's this around RM800++ (yeah din count the small RM1 yet) ...I know I know...=_= Rich family la de. Now know only...HAHAAHAHA

~Siew Foong (Cos I can't seem to type chinese..STILL)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentines day?...and another post...of unknown randomness...XD

I realize my last post was never EVER posted...oh yeah cos blogspot ate it up Oh bloody annoying...newayz...many things happened while in KL...been emo-ing. Been going out...
Went out to Sg.Wang (though rushed) with Dess last week...actually ONLY Dess and then suddenly lotsa people we know off started popping up and hang out with us...WTFOOK...XD its the MOST UNPLANNED situation in mah life...

but hey it was fun LA! Got to wear my new shoes too..RM45 !! (At one utama)
Starry dearies THANKS FOR THAT CINNAMOROLL!! XD Thanks sooo much also for the phonestraps!
um..XD only the doll NOT the bag...but it looks like a SET rite?..XD hahaha no la..that bag I bought wayyy back...:D <3>um well this one I bought One Utama..HAHA screw its missing sum gems behind

and well today I went all the bloody way to Summit <--excuse me MOST TAXIS I asked they don't know where it is?! Its just bloody 5 mins bus ride from Sunway!! (feels like a bloody jakun) HAHAHA.. So what did I do?...on VDAYS I instead go spent my afternoon time at one of my guy friends. Felix la...LOL I dyed his hair...that dude simply can't decide...SO I told him finally.. "Dude, I do freestyle for you la! geeezz"

after the dye was done...and while waiting I did his nails la...that dude ar..super 'vain person in the making' HAHAHA..


Eventhough I had a stupid fight with my nutless no backbone father...managed to get him to buy me Anna Sui stuff B4 all those feuding thing happened ..again

whee!! Finally!...NOT ONLY THAT...I got him to get me the eyeliner!...and loose powder (ahhh heaven) and that lady got to convince him by throwing in a free lip GLOSS!! X3

and don't EXPECT I'm gonna get a BF!! I will NEVA get ONE...LOL...well I was thinking of Felix *blush* =_= but I'm a bully person...sure GET annoyed la..HAHAHAHA

taken at Felix's place...SO BORED>..hahaha...oh yeah I'm using this eyebrow powder from KATE..XD pretty okay leh

even if Hellie does not SEE this...

EVENTHOUGH YOU MAY NEVER EVER READ THIS BLOG...BUT I DAMN LOVE YOU MUCHS!<3<3 my two (no wait) THREE you all the same..XD eventho in reality two of you are UKES in DENIAL..HAHAHAHA...

*shoots self*

and yeah I'm a shota looking person right..?...RIGHT..




~ (still can't type my bloody chinese name!)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Back in KL and swinging the wrong way...!

Nah, not really 'swinging it the wrong way'..just uber tired from TOO much walking. (My dad is a bitch when it comes to transportation...HAHA...walk walk walk) Suppose to have updated this blog when I came on the 5th...of this month. Crazy aite?

On that same day...from KLIA straight to Sunway Pyramid to treat Lavena dearies as promise. Felix came by soon enough...hahaha he wanted something diff but too baaaad Lavena and me already halfway through the brunch and he had no choice but to eat SOME too! lol...

Actually bought Lavena a piggy speaker (which has a usb it LOOKS weird okay! Last minute pressie lagi this) from Folio. Whacked! was a last minute option though I was planning on a teddy bear but resisted to splurge on a useless teddy which is only meant for hugging.which is practically just 'sits' there


Apparently I've read through an Ouran High School Hostclub community in Deviantart regarding a rumour (or if its not I don't know?!) on the casts...

and guess who is doing Hikaru and Koaru Hitachiin twins?...

.......YUSUKE AND HISATO IZAKI FROM FLAME*its a japanese boyband...heh*!!! (yeah oso the same twins who acted in Devilman...wowzers)
I was utterly...'shocked' . HAHAHA Hunny is gonna be casted by a small kid. Mori DOES NOT LOOK MANLY..HE LOOKS PRETTY..AAAHHH...Kyouya...HOMG most good looking guy amongst ALL (well I'm practically BIAS but w/e)

As stated here for the cast

but then again..its rumors!!..=/ Well one can dream rite?..rite...XD Oh yah theres even a PS2 Ouran game..HAHA


Well yeah back to the part where I stopped. We had brunch at BBQ Plaza (again!! @_@...Lavena maybe I should bring you to Chilis next time?? refills on soft drinks and juices..LMAO me ish greedy for drinks not fewd..) and spazzed and talk crap even more crap. Haha..poor Felix I hope our BL-fandom didn't scare your ASS off!

oh well he practically 'dragged' me to Midvalley fornoreasonatallbutIthinkMidvalleyisboring!*kena piaked*

Apparently someone spotted me even b4 I knew it! Shinyi saw me pass her...LOL this is my 1st time I was spotted instead of me 'spotting' people (I am a stalker bleh..XD hahaha) I was pretty shocked really...!


~ (kenot write chinese ere..stupid comp)

Friday, January 26, 2007

Of makeup and candy...except theres no candy

whoa okay XD hahaha its me obviously...haha...I lack much. Lets say I got so so B-O-R-E-D. Meh...its either oshare kei or decora...up to you to brand this style. Boo...oh japanese words " ki-ra ki-ra" (not your Kira from DN la) means "shiny shiny"
hmm hmm....yeah I lack much of creativity so I kinda abused the 'monya' sentence...ooooh as I type this..theres like fireworks...outside my house at 7.40PM...can anyone around bloody KK tell me wats the occasion? @_@;; okay....

Apparently decided to go a bit different on my makeup skills...*I suck in them I know* =D I came out with this look yesterday.
oh...corrections are always done in photoshop..:D ahaha I should stop doing this..but meh...XD I guess I'll have to learn how to love the I lack topic anyways...bleh


Monday, January 22, 2007

[ CSP Local Comic Artist Meetup @ McD ]

oh lookie...DAMN PORN MAN :D my face is FREAKING PORN!!

beh..joking la! I was bored...HAHHAA

still have to wait for Julian to start blogging about it. Apparently I came last minute KAKAKAKA...*kills self*
oh...took pic wif IrTeA..I look uber scary HEHEHEHE...well...because my eyebrows were gone LULZ!!

pretty rite?..XD thanks to my 'spaz' way of angling we look 'tad slimmer'!! *gets shot* Basically the overall discussion was on who and who and what to do and WHAT to expect and.. (Reader: woi cukup la dengan itu 'and'!!) oh...oops sorry. :D My english teacher would be SO PROUD of me...LOL.

Met AKS I think? He's one of the dudes from Utopia and so so so..yada yada..Molested cubex...did the 'finger' with Julian's brother (LOL Casey your status for ur known signature sign is at stake ar..!! better kill me 1st to regain back ur status..HAHAHA). We had to move from McD's to some Indian restaurant...cos it was a bad timing...APPARENTLY got KID'S party upstairs in McD Api api centre's branch. Boo....

AND it s a SMALL WORLD...I meet Ya Fui (if thats ur name) aka Daniel (if THATS ur name too) who is apparently my friend's big brother. (Off track: Oiii..hows Sarah now ar...why she never contact me one de? she so geng liao for Super junior izzit?) ...I was like thinking..."WTF is this DUDE...he looks FAMILIAR..." and snapped! HAHAHA...sorry so slow in realizing....I guess you were pretty shock to see me too HAHAHA...changed a lot. (Except you la..still look the same HAHA)

Saw Amber (as CSP members know her as Kanariya) and met Beth (DO MY HAIR PLZ AND THANK YOU!) who also came last minute...well unplanned la I meant. hahha I sien liao...tooo much brackets...I think this is the most horrible post I've done in quite a while...WELL...need to write about something rite.


P.S :Julian when do you and Adz wanna try out that steak house place yada (wait let me check this Tuesday kays? I forgot the bloody name again) @ Lintas?...hahhaa SORRY I think I went overboard with pervyness especially 'Breast of Fire' comment..ugh I need new glasses if this continues on..HAHAHAHA.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

w-inds.'s 21st Single [Hanamuke//ハナムケ] 17.01.06 (its out! )

...omg I was kinda shocked to actually found out about it today! haha..! *dies* lucky me...I was actually on a random download..apparently the preview was out b4...but the single came out TODAY! *gosh*

I sometimes cry over a fandom I held SO LONG eventhough I can state I was recently jrock and kpop overload..but w-inds. was my 1st and still remaining fandom back from my preteens. 5 years ...(well I kenot beat my mum la...her fandom for Elvis Presley...sampai NOW...HAHAHAHa)

seriously,...this PV brings me to tears as I can say...I've kinda grown up with them. ..and my forever fandom for Ryohei Chiba never ceased eventhough I keep on saying I love HeeChul or Changmin (koreans lulz)

I always bout the next 5 years...would they still be staying strong as a group?..I pray they would always..without me randomly stumbling on them back those 5 years ago..i would have never knew jpop/jrock or anything and would have listened to what all the kids listen nowadays...(exmp : emo stuff and pop randomness but i luv them all the same but ain't spending my cash on pop mags hehee)

Keita looks kinda haggard here! T_T omg you got muscles but come on! Skinny?!...Ryuichi....hahaha he looks like a girl here *sorry Ryuichi fans! couldn't bring myself to keeping a straight face*

Ryohei....geez that guy looks so...inhuman..i can tell you HE STILL looks young for someone that old..(what 23 tis year?..I forgot...dammit)..

I'm in tears....when I thought my fandom for them died last year. my mum said. Its okay to dream once in a while. But i guess its due to my sort of 'fan-dedication' to keep on supporting them eventhough I can't actually keep on buying their singles and so on...

sometimes...I cry at my patheticness...I just don't seem to move on at one point...

p.s: I'm srsly emo-ing now...gosh reminds of the days I was emo-ing just because I couldn't get my Ageha limited edition press album from Yesasia...lulz

Sunday, January 14, 2007

homg..sunday morning posts..

Talked with Aiko yesterday(or rather around 4AM in the morning TODAY)...

So its kinda planned already. I'm goin as 'wa-loli' (Kimono with lolita accents) and..well I'll just have to wait for her to confirm...and its purple..and also might be getting rocking shoes(also showned in NANA) to match.
oh has a BLOODY skirt,...omg..I may need to wear bloomers for this...(those white underpants thingy) and bells...aaahh see I told you..i have bad taste..XD haahhaha I rather dress people up!


oh well

silly short posts...


Saturday, January 13, 2007

[ I'm going crazy per said ]


guh...went out wif Dizzy and Mavis (another new friend to wow okay) to Wisma look for some presents for a friend of theirs. Haha... Apparently also went to do some bit of window shopping and all seeing clothes and stuff. All in all we were practically talking nonsense (Mavis and me) and Dizzy being all damn blur.

I kinda lent her 3 of my mags (yeah in previous post you will see) so yeah a run down on the clothes and such. =D pretty much we were spazzing on the clothes and all haha..!! So heres some funny notes to place down...I realize that
  1. Eventhough I'm not doing gothic lolita/ama lolita/any kinds of lolita...I still tend to get suggestions from certain friends on what to put and what to wear..weird rite?(and they are kinda like hoping or rather threatening me to at least try to get one lolita outfit...)
  2. I prefer dressing people up rather than me dressing myself up
  3. I can admit I'm not that pretty neither ugly...its just that I had to learn how to love myself in terms of 'being a narcissist'.
  4. I'm not an active and staunch fan of jrock/jpop/kpop I'm pretty much behind the line all the time.
  5. I tend to give out too much ideas sometimes I run dry for myself....geez ahahaha
  6. I'm more of a classic lolita/neo gothic lolita/casual gothic lolita/punk lolita /elegant lolita sort of person...ahaha...XD yes there ARE genres...and it counts wa-loli too! REALLY CONFUSING!
....gah I'm such a scary person..lulz! No wonder some people even DARES to call me a faker/poser cos I'm one who tends to be like the cute/geng/emo/visual kei/decora/lolita/punk wannabe. Irks you rite?...


I'll go emo about this later. I've been reading too much gay stories....and smut stuff on Yuffie x Vincent. I may need to take my driving course next week like homg...yay for cars. Haha...




oh lookie! this is me without all those gunk and makeup
bahaha....I used my dad's old phone (now mine) the Sony Ericsson omg..XD and yes I keep on listening to my ipod 24/7 sue has most of my jrock/jpop/kpop stuff on it..and I like listening to Rammstein..(hahaha) Sorry I'm being a dick now atm..eventhough I don't have a dick in the 1st place...pwahahaha


p.s: This is due to fangirling on 동방신기 (Dong Bang Shin Ki) too much...since like stated...they ARE coming to KL I said in the previous post...oh screw it..XD hahaha

Finally an UPDATE! ..woot XD

Blah I was lazy...
lulz...the honest reason I can give. So heres a run down from what I did when I was in KL...bahaha. Its practically picture posts again..sorry..I was so lazy and dead. You know when after SPM blues starts kicking in. Some kids managed to get jobs while waiting...unlike me...I'm currently 'goyang kaki' at home. :P oops

Gothic Lolita outing in 1Utama @ Bakerzin (23/12/06) Its blur I know...XD I'll upload once again when connection is goin swell enough from my another more nice pics..bwaha...whackos.

Camwhoring a kitty I liked...XD meet Tiger. He thinks he's a flower.
My dad bought me an iPod Nano!! XD 8GB...I was aiming for the pink...but its only around 4GB..bummer..:D but black ish spiffy. Oh and gotten myself a lip pierce...woot...=D thank god my bro was okay with it. (He has tattoos....lulz..he knows the guy from Borneo Ink..=D watched it b4?..yeah the owner shook hands with Anthony Bourdaine*oh shush I forgot the spelling* But I did not do there la...somewhere else..heh)
Managed to get my dad to buy me Body Shop Lip glosses (or balms whichever floats ur boat) FINALLY..:D
and...self explainatory stuff...sue me..:D bahahaha be jealous?..bwahahha. (1 book is an Extra edition of the Gothic Lolita Bible series..;D its pretty much a compilation of the best few pieces from previous GLB. The middle one is a winter collection catalogue on every brands which are recognized in Japan...:D this includes Gothic,lolita and punk outfits...well winter collection of course. Cure mag...bwehehe it has Miku infront.what else!...)
tomorrow I'm gonna be meeting Dizzy...and spazz with her..LULZ. =D Oh and I did take a lot of purikura (Neon Prints) I spent a BOMB on them yosh..!

Oh and my 'japanese' nicknamed had changed...:P its now [U-MI] as in umi () for Sea/ocean in its kanji form. I don't know..but I need a change..lulz.