Friday, January 26, 2007

Of makeup and candy...except theres no candy

whoa okay XD hahaha its me obviously...haha...I lack much. Lets say I got so so B-O-R-E-D. Meh...its either oshare kei or decora...up to you to brand this style. Boo...oh japanese words " ki-ra ki-ra" (not your Kira from DN la) means "shiny shiny"
hmm hmm....yeah I lack much of creativity so I kinda abused the 'monya' sentence...ooooh as I type this..theres like fireworks...outside my house at 7.40PM...can anyone around bloody KK tell me wats the occasion? @_@;; okay....

Apparently decided to go a bit different on my makeup skills...*I suck in them I know* =D I came out with this look yesterday.
oh...corrections are always done in photoshop..:D ahaha I should stop doing this..but meh...XD I guess I'll have to learn how to love the I lack topic anyways...bleh


Monday, January 22, 2007

[ CSP Local Comic Artist Meetup @ McD ]

oh lookie...DAMN PORN MAN :D my face is FREAKING PORN!!

beh..joking la! I was bored...HAHHAA

still have to wait for Julian to start blogging about it. Apparently I came last minute KAKAKAKA...*kills self*
oh...took pic wif IrTeA..I look uber scary HEHEHEHE...well...because my eyebrows were gone LULZ!!

pretty rite?..XD thanks to my 'spaz' way of angling we look 'tad slimmer'!! *gets shot* Basically the overall discussion was on who and who and what to do and WHAT to expect and.. (Reader: woi cukup la dengan itu 'and'!!) oh...oops sorry. :D My english teacher would be SO PROUD of me...LOL.

Met AKS I think? He's one of the dudes from Utopia and so so so..yada yada..Molested cubex...did the 'finger' with Julian's brother (LOL Casey your status for ur known signature sign is at stake ar..!! better kill me 1st to regain back ur status..HAHAHA). We had to move from McD's to some Indian restaurant...cos it was a bad timing...APPARENTLY got KID'S party upstairs in McD Api api centre's branch. Boo....

AND it s a SMALL WORLD...I meet Ya Fui (if thats ur name) aka Daniel (if THATS ur name too) who is apparently my friend's big brother. (Off track: Oiii..hows Sarah now ar...why she never contact me one de? she so geng liao for Super junior izzit?) ...I was like thinking..."WTF is this DUDE...he looks FAMILIAR..." and snapped! HAHAHA...sorry so slow in realizing....I guess you were pretty shock to see me too HAHAHA...changed a lot. (Except you la..still look the same HAHA)

Saw Amber (as CSP members know her as Kanariya) and met Beth (DO MY HAIR PLZ AND THANK YOU!) who also came last minute...well unplanned la I meant. hahha I sien liao...tooo much brackets...I think this is the most horrible post I've done in quite a while...WELL...need to write about something rite.


P.S :Julian when do you and Adz wanna try out that steak house place yada (wait let me check this Tuesday kays? I forgot the bloody name again) @ Lintas?...hahhaa SORRY I think I went overboard with pervyness especially 'Breast of Fire' comment..ugh I need new glasses if this continues on..HAHAHAHA.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

w-inds.'s 21st Single [Hanamuke//ハナムケ] 17.01.06 (its out! )

...omg I was kinda shocked to actually found out about it today! haha..! *dies* lucky me...I was actually on a random download..apparently the preview was out b4...but the single came out TODAY! *gosh*

I sometimes cry over a fandom I held SO LONG eventhough I can state I was recently jrock and kpop overload..but w-inds. was my 1st and still remaining fandom back from my preteens. 5 years ...(well I kenot beat my mum la...her fandom for Elvis Presley...sampai NOW...HAHAHAHa)

seriously,...this PV brings me to tears as I can say...I've kinda grown up with them. ..and my forever fandom for Ryohei Chiba never ceased eventhough I keep on saying I love HeeChul or Changmin (koreans lulz)

I always bout the next 5 years...would they still be staying strong as a group?..I pray they would always..without me randomly stumbling on them back those 5 years ago..i would have never knew jpop/jrock or anything and would have listened to what all the kids listen nowadays...(exmp : emo stuff and pop randomness but i luv them all the same but ain't spending my cash on pop mags hehee)

Keita looks kinda haggard here! T_T omg you got muscles but come on! Skinny?!...Ryuichi....hahaha he looks like a girl here *sorry Ryuichi fans! couldn't bring myself to keeping a straight face*

Ryohei....geez that guy looks so...inhuman..i can tell you HE STILL looks young for someone that old..(what 23 tis year?..I forgot...dammit)..

I'm in tears....when I thought my fandom for them died last year. my mum said. Its okay to dream once in a while. But i guess its due to my sort of 'fan-dedication' to keep on supporting them eventhough I can't actually keep on buying their singles and so on...

sometimes...I cry at my patheticness...I just don't seem to move on at one point...

p.s: I'm srsly emo-ing now...gosh reminds of the days I was emo-ing just because I couldn't get my Ageha limited edition press album from Yesasia...lulz

Sunday, January 14, 2007

homg..sunday morning posts..

Talked with Aiko yesterday(or rather around 4AM in the morning TODAY)...

So its kinda planned already. I'm goin as 'wa-loli' (Kimono with lolita accents) and..well I'll just have to wait for her to confirm...and its purple..and also might be getting rocking shoes(also showned in NANA) to match.
oh has a BLOODY skirt,...omg..I may need to wear bloomers for this...(those white underpants thingy) and bells...aaahh see I told you..i have bad taste..XD haahhaha I rather dress people up!


oh well

silly short posts...


Saturday, January 13, 2007

[ I'm going crazy per said ]


guh...went out wif Dizzy and Mavis (another new friend to wow okay) to Wisma look for some presents for a friend of theirs. Haha... Apparently also went to do some bit of window shopping and all seeing clothes and stuff. All in all we were practically talking nonsense (Mavis and me) and Dizzy being all damn blur.

I kinda lent her 3 of my mags (yeah in previous post you will see) so yeah a run down on the clothes and such. =D pretty much we were spazzing on the clothes and all haha..!! So heres some funny notes to place down...I realize that
  1. Eventhough I'm not doing gothic lolita/ama lolita/any kinds of lolita...I still tend to get suggestions from certain friends on what to put and what to wear..weird rite?(and they are kinda like hoping or rather threatening me to at least try to get one lolita outfit...)
  2. I prefer dressing people up rather than me dressing myself up
  3. I can admit I'm not that pretty neither ugly...its just that I had to learn how to love myself in terms of 'being a narcissist'.
  4. I'm not an active and staunch fan of jrock/jpop/kpop I'm pretty much behind the line all the time.
  5. I tend to give out too much ideas sometimes I run dry for myself....geez ahahaha
  6. I'm more of a classic lolita/neo gothic lolita/casual gothic lolita/punk lolita /elegant lolita sort of person...ahaha...XD yes there ARE genres...and it counts wa-loli too! REALLY CONFUSING!
....gah I'm such a scary person..lulz! No wonder some people even DARES to call me a faker/poser cos I'm one who tends to be like the cute/geng/emo/visual kei/decora/lolita/punk wannabe. Irks you rite?...


I'll go emo about this later. I've been reading too much gay stories....and smut stuff on Yuffie x Vincent. I may need to take my driving course next week like homg...yay for cars. Haha...




oh lookie! this is me without all those gunk and makeup
bahaha....I used my dad's old phone (now mine) the Sony Ericsson omg..XD and yes I keep on listening to my ipod 24/7 sue has most of my jrock/jpop/kpop stuff on it..and I like listening to Rammstein..(hahaha) Sorry I'm being a dick now atm..eventhough I don't have a dick in the 1st place...pwahahaha


p.s: This is due to fangirling on 동방신기 (Dong Bang Shin Ki) too much...since like stated...they ARE coming to KL I said in the previous post...oh screw it..XD hahaha

Finally an UPDATE! ..woot XD

Blah I was lazy...
lulz...the honest reason I can give. So heres a run down from what I did when I was in KL...bahaha. Its practically picture posts again..sorry..I was so lazy and dead. You know when after SPM blues starts kicking in. Some kids managed to get jobs while waiting...unlike me...I'm currently 'goyang kaki' at home. :P oops

Gothic Lolita outing in 1Utama @ Bakerzin (23/12/06) Its blur I know...XD I'll upload once again when connection is goin swell enough from my another more nice pics..bwaha...whackos.

Camwhoring a kitty I liked...XD meet Tiger. He thinks he's a flower.
My dad bought me an iPod Nano!! XD 8GB...I was aiming for the pink...but its only around 4GB..bummer..:D but black ish spiffy. Oh and gotten myself a lip pierce...woot...=D thank god my bro was okay with it. (He has tattoos....lulz..he knows the guy from Borneo Ink..=D watched it b4?..yeah the owner shook hands with Anthony Bourdaine*oh shush I forgot the spelling* But I did not do there la...somewhere else..heh)
Managed to get my dad to buy me Body Shop Lip glosses (or balms whichever floats ur boat) FINALLY..:D
and...self explainatory stuff...sue me..:D bahahaha be jealous?..bwahahha. (1 book is an Extra edition of the Gothic Lolita Bible series..;D its pretty much a compilation of the best few pieces from previous GLB. The middle one is a winter collection catalogue on every brands which are recognized in Japan...:D this includes Gothic,lolita and punk outfits...well winter collection of course. Cure mag...bwehehe it has Miku infront.what else!...)
tomorrow I'm gonna be meeting Dizzy...and spazz with her..LULZ. =D Oh and I did take a lot of purikura (Neon Prints) I spent a BOMB on them yosh..!

Oh and my 'japanese' nicknamed had changed...:P its now [U-MI] as in umi () for Sea/ocean in its kanji form. I don't know..but I need a change..lulz.