Thursday, November 30, 2006

Love me or hate me..I don't care =)

Magnya Carta album by アンティック-珈琲店- is out! (eventhough it was released yesterday..ooops) I'm still trying to get the ticket for their LIVE CAFE・TOUR'07NYAPPY GO AROUND 2」 but I guess I can only get the one in Nagoya...ouch..x__x I would be all the way in Tokyo to catch 176BIZ's one man live in Shibuya O-west during January. Now lets HOPE that one doesn't get sold off!...grr do you know anyone else in Malaysia who would be going to this lives? I only know some singaporeans do. I'll be all alone in Ueno if this happens..! Grr...I hate traveling alone. It makes me feel stupid sometimes.

Back to my normal blogging. I really do crave for something...and what more than Green Tea Ice Blended from Starbucks!?...
Oh yeah I'm not a caffeine fan...well I do like to drink Tongkat Ali's 4 in 1 stuff....hmm. But newayz =) If you do ever meet me in Starbucks. Be bound to spot me with ONLY this drink!..geez I never do Its yummy okay?..even when the price is like...!#@%!

Like I promised...I posted my babies up. Oh dears...the scribbles on my handphone came off eventually. =/ Sad but then I can still do it again if I want to!
Please excuse for the PINKNESS

Jors...what the @!$@% am I thinking?...I still feel wrong with all the pink. When I dress up so...punkish..nevermind my mum said. Its my color..oh geee..Oh taken with my phone camera (the w900i people...)

nuff..said lars I know I shut up lars. Pink too much...dies...I do love other colors.

OOT moment DID YOU KNOW in the
MKMF AWARDS 2006... w-inds. was present! Omg...with DBSK and SUPER JUNIOR... I'm so proud of w-inds.! Keita looks so tired. Ryohei eventhough he's !@#@! 22 years old he doesn't look like it (looks at his multicoloured hilites...)

I'll leech off my friend's link. You can view it all HERE !! Because I'm too lazy to talk more rubbish

Gosh, and I thought I make such a good post. I think I just wrote mere rubbish here. Adui...sorry no pics of the Ngau Chap Adz!...seems the one in Lintas no more there....adui.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T10 ...oh yeah baby...=P

Hey there,

Oh well I went to TecAsia Sdn Bhd yesterday and purchased Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T10 in pink.... oh yes I know shut up I know I know. The next thing I might want would be the Ipod Nano...PINK. I'll post up this baby soon.

=/ I'm still not used to it but seriously...its a bit tricky bahaha...I like the macro options...and its 7.2 megapixels...oh shit I can see my pimples bahahaha and whiskers *snorts* on my face..>D

Oh I did take pics of the place where I take my order of Ngau Chap. I'll post it later haha...I suppose to get ready to go to school. Exams starts at 2PM...

boo ahahhaha..booo i tell you BOOOO


Friday, November 24, 2006

Problem Ingredients and Handphones...

For those who have been using beauty products on their faces should watch out for the ingredient used in it. =) Courtesy of Dermalogica. Haha..and me snapping it on phone cos I'm lazy to actually write it down..boogers. Oh and do care for your darling's face and skin rite?..its best you also keep note on this eh..haha

Because I'm kinda lazy typing much in this early (or rather late morning =/ ) I kinda like 'doodled' on my pink LG clamshell...come to think about is wrong with me and all this pink?!

not that I'm complaining about it ain't I?.... I doodled for goodness sakes...argh I wanted to just stick two of those sticker jewelry but considering when one is bored...we tend to do something lars.

I know its a bit 'off' not 'balanced' I tell you...haha..I used those Posca Glitter Markers (they come off eventually so no biggey its not permanent) which I bought when I was back in Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar form 2. Those shit stuff cost a bomb..I wonder how did I even manage to be able to buy it when I was in our Quartetmaster's (those who takes care of the sports events) trip to KLCC and me in Isetan.

Oh yeah, I decided to enroll myself into The One Academy (TOA) instead. Since I'm like going to be in Damansara Area..(okay thats far I know it means I have to get a driving license oh screw it).

Oh KK how will I miss you so when I'm gone. Gonna miss the coconut pudding and Ngau Chap (if thats how people spelt it) bahaha...and Tenom Fried Noodles. (though I'm not as sure if theres one to complete the actual perfectness to its is that even a word I have to resort to our Webster Dictionaries..baha)

Bahaha...Christmas is on its way and I'm gonna be too busy by then to even get anyone presents. Unless they don't mind a stupid doodled card by me. I always tend to do that baha. Comic Fiesta...grr I'll be damn if I wasn't actually 'requested' by the leader of that doujinshi group to 'present' myself. Oh well.. and L for the 2nd day..when all I would be doing is helping on the booth drawing random Chibies..for free. Sue me. Some already threatened if there was a Raito cosplayer that day..they would handcuff me to him...or some random maniac.... (okay I was joking about the maniac but I'm not joking about me giving away free

And ice skating after 1st day!...sheesh...I'm not good in it anyways (not that I was even good in the beginning...haha) and then an outing on the 20th..and possible photoshoot...argh I didn't even get my wig yet..and I'm not planning to DYE my frigging hair reddish brown..oh shoot.

So what will you be doing for christmas?

for me I would be way over back in Kota Kinabalu...meh and yet I did not buy my return ticket..of FUUZ..

3 more papers left...3 MORE...just 3 MORE...and then I will die...*not*!


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Do you know that taking bathroom pictures...

..can be rather embarassing at times? =O Wonder where the camera is?...;P Its hidden and I won't tell you wats or w/e is shown infront of the mirror...baha

Rant of the day

"I guess I'm one of those few idiots who are honestly HONEST in passing up their Maths paper 2 empty...or rather half empty..."

Seriously I kid you not. Its just what I did. I'm still having doubts on which or actually WHERE to go. The One Academy ... or Kinabalu Commercial College? =/ I'm wanting to major in Arts (in TOA) but then.. I'm like into languages too..and I planned to actually take up Japanese,Korean and French (KCC)...

No srsly =O I'm wanting to stay back in Kota Kinabalu and see it grow. But I'll guess and hope Julian will know what to post and so on..LOL

Talking about 'Happy Feet' = omg Penguin love...I hate to admit it but I find baby penguins in reality are very are baby seals. I was 'happy' after watching 'Happy Feet' no pun intended as I've finally met Yvonne my net friend and junior and also founded two new friends.

A goth lolita and a freelance illustrator....oh yes you did read that. Goth Lolita ...the 1st of her kind in Kota Kinabalu. Now we need are decorers/punk lolitas/visual kei-ist. No...JROCK is not a 'fashion statement' its a music genre. ...=/ Yes I kid you not. Its not a 'fashion statement' unless if stated as visual kei,oshare kei or w/e kei...thats okay cos thats a style. =)
There was a debate between me and Ruth about this usage of terms. But you 'could' state you are a 'jrocker' =P

Emoist or emos are just over emotional people and if you DO want to be an Emo please wear jeans that are not girls jeans. Or you could listen to William Sledd's Ask a Gay Man he totally is odd and works at GAP..oh yes he does recommend GAP GAP GAP. But its all good to keep on listening to some of his views on fashion stuff.

Especially that Denim I suggest you watching that...eventhough they are kinda over exaggerating things sometimes...lmao


*whacks self to sleep*


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

1st Post is always the worst post

...and it will be like that as it is..=D hello!