Friday, April 13, 2007

huhu...busy weekends and month

Since everything has been a rush..@_@

Too many things to go through..he he

  1. PC Fair this weekend. Wanting to go tomorrow but some people coming in the evening. Darn..=X IRCFIESTA people!! @_@ College over rules them all...haha...=_=;;
  2. Weekend gonna be in Sunway again. Going for a live nite...praise and worship BABY!!! *flails* darn this means I have to start packing some of my stuff for the night. Drats...Sunday would be OH so fun...screw.
  3. Omgheyness...apparently I found out...I managed to pull off my super platinum blonde hair ?? Oh darn..=P Oh fyi actually my hair's black color is fading out...Its turning brown..drats.
  4. I'm accepted into The One Academy! ...but I need to bloody send in the remaining forms soon! Argh...stress to the max. My dad is not around to sign my forms...horror horror
  5. Cosplay list keeps on piling up on me. I don't think I could even pay for my Organization XIII outfit yet... *GOD MODE
Aye aye...using the net around here doesn't do much either....hmm hmm oops..laundry not hanged yet...its been raining a lot so suddenly here..suddenly rain suddenly SUN...NOT a good sign...=X

..cos people get sick easily thanks to the sudden change of weather. HEH


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New look....!!! I think so lolz

BAHAHHAHAHAactually thats a wig...thanks to miuki-sama for editing and taking my pic =D Its love I tell you..hahaha and I know...but my contact lenses is blue...@_@;; Haduri is luf...=D its a korean webcam program. (its free to download)

Jae Joong wannabe turns out to look very Lee Jun ki ..LMAO.
Life is good I should say...I was recently called by The One Academy...=D accepted! But still having doubts on getting into illustration...hmm
I don't have that 'known' thing to do such 'pretty' pics..=/ but I'll see how I can work it out HAR HAR.