Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tama Diary #1

Hachi grew!....

To 'Young Mametchi'

...*cough* Anyways, pretty much my tama was disturbed ALOT by my friends...@_@ (I knew it! I should have bought the neon pink one...ugh) and my dad was pretty much like...huh...well I think it reminded him back then when I had digimons (3 to be exact).

Naruki is asking me to bring it over for the next lolita outing....which I do not know WHEN...anyways..o-o;; hmm hmm

~Siew Foong

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tiring Day as it is...@_@

Oh yeah sorry for the previous post. I might have accidentally deleted off the pictures when I was re-organizing my posts. (hmmm...)

Its a lil baaaby...XD
Well it grew up to the 3rd stage...hmm...its still sleeping even as I am typin now.
Got a FINALLY...o-o;; Had a hard time choosing the color too. It was either PINK (aih..I know I know) The 1st Gen is a yeah..named it Hachi. (no no...not Nana inspired..but then again...w/e you think la!)

yeah went out to Sg,Wang (again?) to accompany Dess (girl on the left) to meet up with the Aveen (dude on the right)...oh yeah..Please ignore my bitch face XD I dono why but seriously I look like a ...WHORE!! (yeah a CAMWHORE) and...uh Dess was cute la that today..@_@ (I think its the outfit)The puri is sooo shiney.... Also took a FREE shot!
...yeah right...used the handphone la...XD The reasons why I like Bishin the 3rd!! (the purikura booth we took).

Ugh going out for another outing tomorrow...I'll see what I can post up from tomorrows outing!
OH YAH...I colored my hair a bit darker...but...
its seriously reminding me of those Shibuya gals....(kogals?...or those Ayumi clones?) Its suppose to be ash mocha (I use Gatsby thank you very much...hmm hmm) But I 'think' I didn't leave the stuff on for a while...the usual rushing stuff. Oh well I can still grow it out...ignore the chubbyness. CNY does things to your diet. HAHAHA joking

OH...ang pao's this around RM800++ (yeah din count the small RM1 yet) ...I know I know...=_= Rich family la de. Now know only...HAHAAHAHA

~Siew Foong (Cos I can't seem to type chinese..STILL)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Valentines day?...and another post...of unknown randomness...XD

I realize my last post was never EVER posted...oh yeah cos blogspot ate it up Oh bloody annoying...newayz...many things happened while in KL...been emo-ing. Been going out...
Went out to Sg.Wang (though rushed) with Dess last week...actually ONLY Dess and then suddenly lotsa people we know off started popping up and hang out with us...WTFOOK...XD its the MOST UNPLANNED situation in mah life...

but hey it was fun LA! Got to wear my new shoes too..RM45 !! (At one utama)
Starry dearies THANKS FOR THAT CINNAMOROLL!! XD Thanks sooo much also for the phonestraps!
um..XD only the doll NOT the bag...but it looks like a SET rite?..XD hahaha no la..that bag I bought wayyy back...:D <3>um well this one I bought One Utama..HAHA screw its missing sum gems behind

and well today I went all the bloody way to Summit <--excuse me MOST TAXIS I asked they don't know where it is?! Its just bloody 5 mins bus ride from Sunway!! (feels like a bloody jakun) HAHAHA.. So what did I do?...on VDAYS I instead go spent my afternoon time at one of my guy friends. Felix la...LOL I dyed his hair...that dude simply can't decide...SO I told him finally.. "Dude, I do freestyle for you la! geeezz"

after the dye was done...and while waiting I did his nails la...that dude ar..super 'vain person in the making' HAHAHA..


Eventhough I had a stupid fight with my nutless no backbone father...managed to get him to buy me Anna Sui stuff B4 all those feuding thing happened ..again

whee!! Finally!...NOT ONLY THAT...I got him to get me the eyeliner!...and loose powder (ahhh heaven) and that lady got to convince him by throwing in a free lip GLOSS!! X3

and don't EXPECT I'm gonna get a BF!! I will NEVA get ONE...LOL...well I was thinking of Felix *blush* =_= but I'm a bully person...sure GET annoyed la..HAHAHAHA

taken at Felix's place...SO BORED>..hahaha...oh yeah I'm using this eyebrow powder from KATE..XD pretty okay leh

even if Hellie does not SEE this...

EVENTHOUGH YOU MAY NEVER EVER READ THIS BLOG...BUT I DAMN LOVE YOU MUCHS!<3<3 my two (no wait) THREE you all the same..XD eventho in reality two of you are UKES in DENIAL..HAHAHAHA...

*shoots self*

and yeah I'm a shota looking person right..?...RIGHT..




~ (still can't type my bloody chinese name!)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Back in KL and swinging the wrong way...!

Nah, not really 'swinging it the wrong way'..just uber tired from TOO much walking. (My dad is a bitch when it comes to transportation...HAHA...walk walk walk) Suppose to have updated this blog when I came on the 5th...of this month. Crazy aite?

On that same day...from KLIA straight to Sunway Pyramid to treat Lavena dearies as promise. Felix came by soon enough...hahaha he wanted something diff but too baaaad Lavena and me already halfway through the brunch and he had no choice but to eat SOME too! lol...

Actually bought Lavena a piggy speaker (which has a usb it LOOKS weird okay! Last minute pressie lagi this) from Folio. Whacked! was a last minute option though I was planning on a teddy bear but resisted to splurge on a useless teddy which is only meant for hugging.which is practically just 'sits' there


Apparently I've read through an Ouran High School Hostclub community in Deviantart regarding a rumour (or if its not I don't know?!) on the casts...

and guess who is doing Hikaru and Koaru Hitachiin twins?...

.......YUSUKE AND HISATO IZAKI FROM FLAME*its a japanese boyband...heh*!!! (yeah oso the same twins who acted in Devilman...wowzers)
I was utterly...'shocked' . HAHAHA Hunny is gonna be casted by a small kid. Mori DOES NOT LOOK MANLY..HE LOOKS PRETTY..AAAHHH...Kyouya...HOMG most good looking guy amongst ALL (well I'm practically BIAS but w/e)

As stated here for the cast

but then again..its rumors!!..=/ Well one can dream rite?..rite...XD Oh yah theres even a PS2 Ouran game..HAHA


Well yeah back to the part where I stopped. We had brunch at BBQ Plaza (again!! @_@...Lavena maybe I should bring you to Chilis next time?? refills on soft drinks and juices..LMAO me ish greedy for drinks not fewd..) and spazzed and talk crap even more crap. Haha..poor Felix I hope our BL-fandom didn't scare your ASS off!

oh well he practically 'dragged' me to Midvalley fornoreasonatallbutIthinkMidvalleyisboring!*kena piaked*

Apparently someone spotted me even b4 I knew it! Shinyi saw me pass her...LOL this is my 1st time I was spotted instead of me 'spotting' people (I am a stalker bleh..XD hahaha) I was pretty shocked really...!


~ (kenot write chinese ere..stupid comp)