Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bored Post #2 (warning for uber stupid pics)

um sum sort of like...lipstick test..XD my sis-in-law gave me makeup AGAIN..=o=

I can seriously tell you...I like black and white pics..its gaaah

sowie...couldn't RESIST..

I feel so MIKU-fied here (lol too much fangirling is making me ugh

lalala...yes I got it..yay..XD yes I got cleavage..yay..


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bored Post (warning for uber stupid pics)

may the Domo be with you

Okay...I turned blonde...well to be more precise I'm more to silver ash hair colour...XD *omg many strangers stated either Kadaj(FFAC) or Dante(DMC)!! hahaha...Frack and Kagami stated I can already do Near from Death Note (wei...L not enough meh..why me have to do NEAR?!)

emo emo emo...

........end of post
(I know...I'm lazy la)
But to tell you what I got is.
  • Range Murata collaboration with (I got all 3!)
  • The newest 2 Pinkys that has a new head. (got one can sit down)
  • King of Fighter's in one box)
  • Street Fighter in one box)
  • Togainu no chi figurines(9 normal ones and one secret one)..*
*Togainu no chi is a BL-game(Yaoi)...=P Shiki and his brother Rin are hawt. This figurines are in super deformed form (Chibi SD form)...the details are awesome.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

[ KL Trip = 2nd day @ Sg Wang ]

So tired on that day(14/12)...I had to rush up around almost 12pm and omgawd I'm so sorry to Starry dearies! sis-in-law had to take her bloody time to just send me...haha. I was actually not in full 'decora' gear yet when I arrived in Sg Wang. So Starry dearies and me went to the toilet to 'assemble' my clips on my seriously too many clips. Had to 'arrange' them some how.

Starry brought me for lunch actually at
Bayu Timor. Had a set lunch of Fish and Chips (because I love eating fish..I don't know why..or maybe because my stomach always ngam if got fish..) I seriously DID not want to go to Gasoline for lunch. But I'll go on that later on.

Overall...its a filling meal. Cost me around frigging RM12.90...haha I didn't go to the bank Starry paid for it....oops.

Later on we were at the...4th?3rd? floor...And stopped by Kiis@shop (I think thats the name..*looks at the plastic bag*) And OMG overloaded with things I want to buy...but the strawberry stuff....haha I think I'm getting kinda ugh on it. Bought things! I actually saw a 'STICH' PAW!!!!! (wants it) Its like Tara's (from 176BIZ) collection. But I wasn't keen to buy it...because...I dun wanna OVERLOAD my stuff back...yikes! Bought a new bag,wallet (yes because my Emily wallet was falling out of order...since form 2 I had it..)..and another addition to my 'soft toys' collection.. (BEWARE FOR PINK NUISANCE)

almost around RM50? It was RM49.90 laa...haha..wanna know why i bought new bag?..because I was stupid to
splurge gilak in just ONE shop...temptations temptations...and that shopkeeper (?) was staring at my Kuromi phonestrap.

*snickers* My Melody item stuff...I can seriously bloody hell tell you that I took the entire time to CHOOSE a 'practical' but 'cute' wallet....haha I'm picky. This one cost me around RM20+? hahaha the more compartments the more $$$.

So whats this 'newest addition' to my collection? Meet...TABRIS!!! (lol I lack names) ...
Yes...Gloomy Bear (golok ones) = RM15 ...not bad la...hahaha..XD Too bad no I took red instead. Payed up....and the price altogether? .........= RM92.70 (uh roughly). Payed...and the shopkeeper (?) asked me whats the name of that black 'rabbit' hanging on my phone strap....>D *omg is he gonna try order more KUROMI stuff!? Kuromi LOVERS this is good news...hahaha* So I said "The name?...Kuromi =)" and he wrote it down on his 'lejer book(?)' and he also asked me for the actual spelling. Hahaha!Nice DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU...=) I will surely come ANOTHER TIME...gaaah.

I kept on telling Starry I felt pregnant..(lol I will tell you why..its because I was wearing DECORA influence items...bahaha..) We went up to the 6th floor...spotted that goth lolita store...from what Starry said..They restocked!..haha I can't wear la..I feel 'odd' and out of those dark interiors...Decora + Goth lolita/punk store = totally out...@_@ I kinda saw quite a lot of nice pieces..haha too bad I'm such an arse I don't like wearing something too frilly...unless forced to do so...haha.

Then finally...we went to Gasoline after all those 'go into the store and just view but not buying' for refreshments. (thats why I said I didn't want to go for lunch..XD I just want to drink there...) Starry was one person who is ...kinda scared of those uh...things in the dark section..HEH...but thank goodness from when I leaned on the wall I look at the left and right area...OMG...hahaha the next door peeps actually their section..GOT those freaky masks!..haha I told least she's not sitting where I am actually...(she wanted to sit where I was) Ordered 1 cheese sandwich (we were still full!..we only wanted drinks..but I told Starry we just eat la..cos energy need to replenish..hahaha) My 1st drink from Gasoline...I choose the Jasmine and Honey Tea (cold! yummeh)...and boy ..=D I love it...hahaha most people will say they 1st drink or food from a new place they never go major. I'm maybe one of those lucky ones who get to taste the good ones b4 the bad ones. Starry ordered the Tropical Fruit Tea which in both of us stated 'has to grow on us' especially the taste...eww.

Opened also the present Starry gave me..omg..XD So cute (apparently I took the pics when I was back home...oops...) Here there are...I'm speechless.
carrabbit?..o-o;; I have no idea...hahaa
another 3 more clips added to my growing collection..thanks dears! XD don't worry if you don't 'actually know my style' I'm cool with it..! I'll always try to make do of what is given to me. ;) Not to forget! Camwhoring moments....

Drinks Rating
Jasmine and Honey Tea (cold)RM3.50= 10/10
Tropical Fruit Tea(cold)RM5.00 =5.5/10
(due to uh..the artificial taste)

Food Rating
Cheese Sandwich =8/10 (they included a good portion of salad as a side dish)

Service:8/10 (friendly yes...just that service was kinda slow in a way that day due to loads of customers)
Outlook:9/10 (For the idea its kinda cool la..=D improve a bit on the dark area would be good too..haha..those wheelbarrow chairs...reminds me of the days I was a kid who played mud and all with other kampung kids...and sat in wheelbarrows that was positioned like that)
Pricing: 7/10 (so so...but it depends on the drinks and food. With a price like that. The food must also live up to the pricing)

And this coming from yours truly...=D To those in Sabah its best you do check your wallets especially on things like this. Its either trend + affordable + practical...or you could just 'splurge'!


Okay and we went to take neoprints (purikura) to end the day (with Starry)

~ 连小凤

Thursday, December 14, 2006

[ KL trip = Before the ]

So yeah... there is wi-fi in my sis's area. So chunted lars. So damn tiring actually...30 mins wait at Labuan. Baahhaa....damn my friend came too early to fetch me too. I was at Merdeka at that moment.
My mum bought something too for me... yes please kill me if you think she's crazy. Haha...its a new phone accessory so..theres only ONE left with this face. So she bought it...?

Meet Kuromi..o-o;; I don't know why she bought it. Her reason is because its because got pink skull on it?

I also bought leggings for my friend for her xmas pressie. Its the only pair left. and...
well yeah..strawberries (ichigos) leggings. The last pair...rofl RM18. Bummer...=P its not so expensive la...just right price hahaha. There was another pair...but it was so...ugly..eeww. Haha thank goodness I spotted this leggings before another woman saw it. She saw the other the ugly looking one and asked her daughter "Dear, how about this strawberry one?You want or not?" *in total*
The leggings...rofl

The close up..♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

okaayy...back to other things. I bought this *ahem* 'pink' overall top dress skirt thingy *which is seriously too lala..aih sorry to sound HARSH la..but w/e laa hehe*
The dress/top/overall the white and pink top from Diesel btw..o-o;; lol not included with the uh dress/top/overall thingy..
A close up of the design..omg luff♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I got another outfit too. Um I think I spent almost RM130 on the pink/overall/dress thingy...and another red and black striped top (which comes with a belt..its the pink one would be...the rest of the amount) um but the woman actually gave me RM130...the actual pricing should have been RM137.00..? (>_O) okay

too much bombed with PINK..I'm so sorry..LOL I felt like a PINK CANDY FLOSS...grrrr

Saturday, December 9, 2006

'Fun' time in airport....

yeah since 8AM till 6.40PM I was in much patience built me. (considering I'm rather impatient with things)

Oh my gawds, my mum apparently did NOT endorsed the ticket...oh my gawd. I had to CHUP keluarkan RM140 for farking stupid ticket. =X I went for an open ticket 1st but the flights today TOO DARN FULL *sound effects of thunder in the background*


Yes I spent half of my 'day' in airport...geez. =/ A 1st time experience the end I kind of decided to just go on Tuesday to KL. Gah..nasib no need to pay...w00t. I'll have to rush a lot then..omgawd. (okay how many times did I say that?..grrr) Rush buy WIG..MAKEUP PRACTICE...rush BUY...STUPID PLAIN WHITE LONG SLEEVE SHIRT FOR L COSPLAY...=o=

Oh and did I tell you I canceled my trip to Japan?..Its too rush darn oh well another time then. Oh and did you know that anyone age 17 and below (minors) are not allowed to be outside by 11pm? eventhough accompanied by an adult?...=P

Its a true thing. Go search I'm lazy to post up again links because I'm oh oh oh..sooo tired. Meantime Digi's advertisements scares me like OH MY GAWD(again) CRAZY YELLOW FELLOWS...XD;;


Thursday, December 7, 2006

Online Temptations #1


I'm thinking really...buying online is tempting enough. Just seeing the pics of it brings satisfaction to my eyes. But I can't eventhough my hands are itching to order this. 100 cm and 130 cm how does this Japanese people even MEASURE?..o-o;;

Is it in width or height..?

heres what I was talking about.

okay..tempting enough?


okay most boring post ever.But this shirt is so fcking adorable..XD;; I should stop talking about how adorable it is. I'm just gonna say this...I better start designing shirts for myself too..oh lol


Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Lets Talk Ice-Cream

Now in reality, I'll just chow down whatever ice-cream brands it may be. Be it the most expensive brands such as Häagen-Dazs to the more affordable brands like Kings,Walls etc. But have you ever tried Vedablu ? Gosh, heaven.
Okay okay...its similar to Lecka Lecka( I heard the name changed since I saw Jason's blog Fruity?..gosh I don't really know dearies..)...haha. I could only 'afford' one scoop. (uh not really, its just that I have sensitive teeth especially when it comes to eating cold to be me.) Which is around RM4.50. Not bad not bad...since it doesn't include extra charges.

On all the 25 flavours stated in the official website...I only tried 6. Well tasting..hehe. The Durian flavour ain't bad actually...taste very very much like I'm eating 'the actual' Durian. Haha...only thing seed. There was this one..I'm not sure if it was the Berry Strawberry...its nice..! Belgian Chocolate = taste very different...not my type I suppose. Passion Fruit?...ick too sour..haha some people love it some just don't like it. I'll prefer sampling rather than buying a cup of teeth can't stand it ars...

But the ones that caught my attention (and taste buds) is definitely cookies & cream and recently during KKCC's 'ice-breaking' lunch (I forgot to state that the ice-cream we had was Vedablu..oops) I had...HONEY CRUNCH!...oh boy...yummeh. I can still taste it in my mouth...

I'll be trying the Tiramisu and Green Tea flavours next. =D No worries this time I'll make sure theres some snapping of long my friends are there la doing their shift. Haha...wth I'm promoting things? Adz and Julian! Come once in a while la we go Vedablu and try out some flavours and voice opinions. Not that I'm a pro lars in ice-cream. As long taste good!

As far as I know like stated in the website. Theres 5 branches in Kota Kinabalu it self. So wheres the other 5? O-o;; does Sarawak or west Malaysia have it?..haha North Borneo products ah...Sabah..what have you done to me. being an Sarawakian actually.

Oh and Vedablu is looking for part time or full time workers at the moment. Especially for the kiosk that is in Palm Square,Center Point. =D I do want to follow..but obligations..obligations...meh..

Overall = Its best you go try Vedablu ice-cream for yourself. Remember FREE TASTING...boy do I love to annoy them hahaha.


Monday, December 4, 2006

KKCC 'ice-breaker' lunch meetup.

Whew,so tired today! Finally met up with fellow members (well the staff actually) for KKCC (Kota Kinabalu Cosplay Club). We decided to have lunch in Secret Recipe actually and yeah its the 2nd time lars I go there...but I tried something different. The usual proper introductions and such as certain topics lars. We had a special guest today. IRTeA's sister Rinacat...*ahem ahem* sadly didn't get to see Michiko.=/ Me and Esther shared the Chocolate Banana cake...haha this time I managed to savour it to the crumbs.

Then Cubex had to go off early due to work. me and the rest went off from Warisan Square (its a new shopping area...pretty okay la I say the design of the building) to Center Point next door. Wanted to have ice-cream but then we decided to walk around 1st so our stomachs get comfy 1st with our lunch. Haha...window shopping is fun.....*glares to self* but very tiring yes.

Got some stuff too...but lazy to post it up lars...after all that walking and seeing the two sisters do Para Para Paradise...then the ice-cream was a treat for our tiredness. Hehe...I took Honey Crunch...oh boy yummeh. I noticed one of my juniors there from religion studies. Haha..he doesn't believe I'm in form 5 actually. (he is form 4) He thought I was same form as him...and I said no way man. Not at all..I was the 'big sister' in class. The rest all I really look like I'm younger than I am? ...or maybe its because of the way I act...darn.

Oh and we took Neo Prints to finish the day...or purikura in its own original term. Enjoy the dorkness.
I seriously love the 3rd picture. It totally rules as we were kinda acting..haha.

Okay..I guess i better get going. I'm feeling stinkeh...belum mandi.


Sunday, December 3, 2006

One early morning post..lotsa of

Oh my goodness!...Gah I just woke up too darn early around 4.30AM and boy...the area was freezing cold!..well not as cold as when I was in Amsterdam lars. Its just COLD. Brrr... couldn't sleep too because my mum wanted me to follow her to church. Yaya...1st saturday obligations...adui I only got 2 hours of sleep jors!

So...I just came back..just to realize I hadn't read up the question paper for arts...omg..when I saw the 1st question.
Whaa? Okay most of the questions...omg must draw figures!...darn darn darn. Sure they look easy...but to me its HARD...=_=;; 1stly I can'tpossibly draw my octopus like this!!
artwork by Meomie Designs

But like this very very AIYOYOYO disgusting looking octopus (which has three hearts! wargh look at the suckers!...)
Conclusion?....seems I'm gonna be cracking my brain on TRYING to draw an octopus. I prefer fantasy or out of the world sort of artwork...the other question was dealing about aliens...but then again..I suck at drawing aliens more than I suck at drawing octopussiespusses...*ahem* Self joke self joke..
I phail maaan..guh
Ah yes... I decided to try out my camera and took shots of my doll Mint. Trying to be artsy fartsy really..but like I said. I phail badly...and she looks so Waking up early in the dead cold morning (oh yeah I stay near the BIG cemetry as my backyard) can do things to your brain. Especially when your mother and maid are talking nonsense crap in the car and you can't seem to pay attention on the road...
No I'm not driving. My mum is. People usually get accidents due to drinking/influence on drugs or sleeping. bout laughing?...=/nevermind ignore my rather sadistic boredom..

Mint in motion
(I just named her

What better way to take pics...of our unfinished house...or rather room...haha...oops I forgot I took her with the tiny xmas tree we have. (yeah we are so lazy to put out a BIG xmas tree neways...darn)...