Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sick -_-

Pretty much I finally fell sick...and I had no choice but to skip Pengajian Malaysia today. oAo;;

beh...and to weiss..>_< I'll try to do the meme ( I kena tagged lagi..adui!) Presentation yesterday was silly...WIG WIG WIG WIG.

Thanks to Hani for lending me her 'Sephiroth' wig and 'Mello' wig...T^T;; and I nearly got super pissy bahahaha. Beh...

I think I'm starting to hate talking to people directly...*a habit I had since small* and now I rather talk to them secara online..orz


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

went to see the apartment....

...and I think its a bloody lighthouse!!!...@_@


*looks at stupid relatives who are such nosy people and bad sense of STYLE...and HOW THE FCK DID THEY GET THE AUTHORITY TO FCKING DESIGN THE BLOODY HOUSE!>!!??!?!*

aaaagh even my ROOM IS TOO BRIGHT...*o*;; and its in BLOODY BABY BLUE..AAAGH *dislikes baby blue*

I wanted it DARK PURPLE and burgundy wine CURTAINS KUSOOOOOOOOO ...but my mum confirmed to me the curtains is a darker sort of purple . BLOODY LIGHTS...AAAGH SO BRITE....its brighter than my college's classrooms LIGHTS....KUSOoooo~ >_<

my gawd what were they thinking?! I will SO TAKE OUT THOSE BLOODY LIGHTS IN MY ROOM...=o= even SUNAKO can MELT SO BADLY...n the design in the apartment is SO CORNY...=_=;; my DAD just LET his STUPID BRO and SIS to go and DESIGN THE FCKING HOUSE?!!!!!!!!

EEEWWWWWW HORRIBLE DESIGN......ya like blue lights as another option for the living room?..what is this...A BLOODY CLUB?..a house is for one to retired into to rest..not look at HORRIBLE LIGHTING EFFECTS...whatsoever I am so not going to stay in that bloody apartment thanks to some some fcktards fetish with light bulbs..eeewww...

TOO MANY FCKING LIGHTS..OMGAWD even if they are energy saving bulbs...=o= but it won't be for long..COS SO MANY BLOODY LIGHTS...

and my eyes still hurt...*o*;; eyes kena overexposure to the..BRIGHT WHITE LIGHTS...from the LIGHTHOUSE OF puts the house of wax to shame...even people from opposite building can SEE inside..cos so damn BRITE...uggghh

and I went to ikea...IGAY-AH!!!!!

...dono why is SO GAY...GAY GAY GAY...

aaaa presentation 2moroes...
oh yah...and btw MSN keeps on seppuku-ing itself! my gawd....>_<;; *sorry lack of posts*

btw my dad seems okay with me renting the place I am now at...hmmmmmmm

Tuesday, June 5, 2007 god..

Finally I skipped class...

kinda reminded me of back last year during SPM I've kinda skipped school a lot of times. I couldn't bare the...pressure this morning in Fine Art class...=/

I could say my anger management wasn't in check I kinda passed up very ASS shitty work in class. So here I am skipping Design 2 class...geez I hate that class too...and I hate fine art class too..@_@;;
So sorry to our tutor Wai Ho cos I kinda pulled a sour face at you when you kinda asked me if I'm alright. bahahaah..

I'm thinking of skipping communication skills tomorrow though...HMMM..

Will think about it..8D


Sunday, June 3, 2007


Agh..finally reality settled in..XP I manage to finally become officially BROKE..

dun dun

Yesterday I kinda lost my last RM50..and I really was so damn upset..I lashed out to several 'victims' on my msn. Well..some of them being people I don't usually talk to but they tend to get on my nerves. (This is because RM50 was my reserved money for expenses only..and ONLY on food. I was on the verge of 'ikat perut' thanks to some persom who borrowed from is taking quite a while to pay back..)

Well practically everyone was seriously rubbing it in. Ugh...truth be told. People tend to unintentionally rub it in. It kills my brain...drats being sensitive again though. Haha..poor victims of mine. >D

One GREAT reason somehow my friend managed to come up was.

"im blur cuz im mentally unstable now"

I kinda lashed back..though

"I'm mentally and physically unstable for now too >_> beat tht"

omgheyness...I was being a bit too hard already but I was IRRITATED okay? What a 'friend' I am..but seriously.That person needs to get a backbone..cos I don't see her HAVE one...*le sigh* or maybe she does its just that she's not using it..somehow.

But thank you HIKARU!! (aka Alfred) Thanks for...asking me out to yam cha...(I was too upset already I couldn't even smile..all I gave was a...half-hearted dork smile) @o@ and lent me drove all the way to Sunway...XP okay okay time when I cook pasta..I ask you over..since you were 'nicely rubbing it in' about your liking for pasta. And thanks for...>D for letting me copy from ur pendrive..the RABBIDS...omgheyness..DUDE stop making me go crazy over them...(which is still happening).

yay least I have food for a week...I don't wanna go corpse like later..eeep.

I feel unproductive right now. *le sigh again*

I'll try to keep a steady pace on this blog though =) It is hard to maintain at least one personal blog and one public blog..XD bloody annoying.