Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I officially broke up with my bf of 3 YEARS. I feel happy about it cos I know that in the long run would still have to do this.
Its needed though...well because we both have different lifestyles....I finally met him today ...well we finally got to see each other and I found out from him he's already having another girl in his life...for 3 months already. He tried looking for me this past few months but I wasn't around. D:

oh wel


HAPPY for him...yet still pretty much HEARTBROKEN. But in reality my GUILT for not being a GIRLFRIEND that is somehow there...out lifestyles just don't go well together. I always keep myself pretty much yeah.

Just for your info


Least I can have a peace of mind that I just met him again and solved this un-usual relationship out.
I'm happy to be single again and be just me eventhough I do have to face the side-effects of this break up..;P

I'll make it. Just pray and hope I'll make it.


Monday, March 19, 2007

[TAG] "5 reasons why you blog"

...Apparently I was "tagged" by Adz (cilakak la wei..D: )

okie...since then I can't run away from...well.. I don't know how many people will read this anyways.

  1. Its my blog. I write what I do in my daily life. Sometimes its short reports on outings/meetups. It can be personal or just a daily rant.
  2. I tend to find blogging seriously amusing as I have like 123456Idon'tknowhowmuchblogsI'vemade. No...liek seriously.
  3. Life is interesting once in a while. I sometimes would just go online to blog about something or someone. Well depending how you wanna say it.
  4. I'm trying to keep myself sane enough to keep my perverse mind at bay. (Be thankfull that I stopped at the temptation to write gay stories instead)
  5. ...Personally I will occasionally rant out random topics. I'm known to be random.
Being nice as usual....I don't alway tag people.. but I will tag two people I know personally.

Shinyi and Kero :D !!

P.S: I saw Julian in Damai...XD I could have run off with your wife!! j/k


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tama Diary #2

..whoops..Apparently I didn't state that Hachi passed away. Now got new Tama...its in this form now tho


Haha...somehow named it 'Sen' gaaah why am I naming my Tamas after numbers?! Gosh..hmm I re-attached a different Hello Kitty Horoscope thingy. 1st one was a Tiger..manage to get Dragon so I guess it suited the whole red theme. haha..

aite gone and going!



Apparently I've been becoming very much easily annoyed....?

Gosh I have a bitch streak starting again...aiyoyoyo. *bitch in making* wheeeee I want more skirts dammit you phat thighs!
Did a bit of camwhoring and came out with something I say u won't see me do it at ALL..its basically makeup+wig+self esteem+photoshop! (tried the making eyes big leh...XDDD ) I even took the effort to remove my lip piercing..*dies*
ahem ignore mah stuuupid skills..XD Yes I love wearing wigs so whuuuttt...

Actually I'm in KLIA leeching on the free wi-fi (and just managed to find a port to charge my laptop HAHAHAHA) and bla bla
see I actually got no bloody things to blog about for now....HMMMM...

OH YEAH...I want a DS ! A pink one if CAAANNN XD no BLACK LA


Sunday, March 4, 2007


Yes you heard me!

I finally got my hands on my OWN LAPTOP! (If you count the Hyundai out lars that one super heavy man..4kgs) and woot meet my NEW BABY!

Yah owner sempat 'berposing' with MacBook.
Yes people I've a tendency to multitask XD so basically I was like just have to 'accept the fact my dad is the one who wanted to buy it for me' so...yeah. (sheesh I know I'm a spoiled brat but then again this is best for the course I wanna yeah)

...*cough cough*

XD I'm still learning how to use the mac since well...theres no left click or right click...only one click. Hmm...getting confusing aye. And SQUIGGLY button!! XD hahaha

usually its CTRL+V (or X or A or C) now its SQUIGGLY button+V (and the rest lol). Gahh....I'm doomed..XD

Hey least its super geng mah.

~ 连小凤

Friday, March 2, 2007

Blogging is a daily must...

...well apparently I don't do that. Well not much...haha. I was down with fever/flu/cough last few days. Oh..and I failed my theory test for driving (whoops?) Might need to get a retake somehow...but body ain't being lively...

Cut short...been out too many times brought me into a toll of sheer..REGRET. Yeap you heard me..XD I regret going out too many times though. I have a tendency to fall sick after how many bloody trips.

which is why now I am facing the music..=/


nvm la spam you with pics for now..
kya Kagami hunneh XD hehehe we took this after celebrating her Belated Bday in Gasoline (no seriously I hate that place)
puhleeze ignore the lame attempt at trying to make a self-title...:D Hello would you like a group of people like this around Kota Kinabalu sometime?
....XD hahaha the most vain guy I ever met in my entire 'cosplay' life..hahaha...he's pretty popular on FRIENDSTER...:D Kaori!
*cough* He was acting all 'Prince prince' that day..@_@ lol and being a practical camwhore..I took his pics for him...(and edited this one la..LOL hahahahaha)
okay girls DON'T SMACK ME..I wasn't trying to be cute (and please ignore that over gay pink stool) and I wasn't trying to be BOU-ish..

Oh screw the community...someone even called me a 'so poh' in Sg.Wang that whoops?...I turned to look and saw it was a middle aged dude..(with a belly) in that corner shop thingy..(near I SOCKS)...and I was like ...oh well humans look at beauty in another way.

I know I'm not pretty..neither am I UGLY! XD (well unless was born to be that way that screw it la u man balls person who called me that!) haha Kagami was pretty mad actually when she heard that. I told her just ignore that dude la. He doesn't know what to say anymore..

its either

A ) Sg Wang people just lack words nowadays thanks to the 'kids' these days that hang around Sg Wang

B) Chinese people are typical (Malays too) so basically it is 'very typical' for them to act that way.

Close one eye >_O and ignore is the best I can do. Other than that..screw you! :D

~Siew Foong